@@In accordance with the stipulations of Article 21 of the Statute for Upgrading Industries, as amended.


@@ Government participation in equity investment will, in principle, not exceed 49% of the total equity of the invested enterprise. After the objective of the investment has been attained, the Development Fund's equity will be transferred to the private sector and its investment capital recovered for reuse.


@@ The Development Fund participates in general private-sector investment projects recommended by the agency in charge of the target industry. The analyzed and assessed projects will be reviewed and approved by Investment Review Committee then by the Board of Directors.


•  Historically, investment focused on industries such as petrochemicals and semiconductors to promote Taiwan economic development plans.

•  Investment lately focused on the 10 Emerging Industries such as information, telecommuni- cations, aerospace, digital contents and biotechnology...etc.

•  Currently, investment is also directed in strengthening venture capital investment in innovative industries, in support of Challenge 2008 and its subsidiary plans. The goal is to raise a NT$100 billion venture capital fund.

@@ As of the end of June 2003, 34 cases of investment totaling NT$31.1 billion had been made.